DIERS 4D motion  

DIERS 4Dmotion®

Dynamic Spine & Posture Analysis

The DIERS 4D motion® system is the leading technology in the field of 3D spine and surface topography. For the first time it is possible to visualize the complex motion pattern of the spine and pelvis during walking and to monitor the results. This technological breakthrough is based on the innovative software and an advanced camera system. 



Clinical Applications:


• Scoliosis

• Scoliotic malpositions

• Pelvic positions

• Cranio-mandibular dysfunctions (CMD)

• Kyphosis /  Lordosis

• Back pain patients

• Differences in leg length

• Foot malpositions

• Functional & Dynamic Measurements
• Motion Asymmetries

and others




Benefits for patients:

• Radiation-free method

• Immediate measurement results

• Can be repeated as often as desired

• Immediate recommendation of therapeutic options

• New measurement method with expanded information



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