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DIERS statico 3D

The entry-level model for Spine & Posture Analysis (upgradable)

The basic system DIERS statico 3D permits a rapid static optical measurement of the human back. The procedure is radiation-free and operates without contact. Numerous clinical parameters for objective analysis of body statics and posture, scoliosis and spinal deformities can be shown.The DIERS statico 3D is based on DIERS formetric technology. It can therefore be upgraded with various modules such as 4D averaging in order to increase measurement reliability and eliminate postural variation.

Optional Upgrades for a Higher Performance: 

4D Technology (to capture posture over time (10 fps) e.g. for the postural test according to Matthiass )
Averaging (for highest measurement accuracy)
3D Spine Model
Automatic Landmark Detection (normally no need of marker dots anymore!)


Clinical Applications:


▪  Malpositions
▪  Pelvic positions 

▪  Kyphosis / lordosis

▪  Back pain patients

▪  Differences in leg length


Benefits for patients:

▪  Radiation-free method

▪  Immediate measurement results

▪  Can be repeated as often as desired

▪  New measurement method with expanded information


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